множество имя существительное:
множество (multiplicity, plurality, variety, plenty, multitude, slew)
поворот (turn, rotation, turning, twist, swing, slew)
разворот (slew)
заводь (backwater, pool, slew, oxbow)
болото (marsh, swamp, bog, quagmire, morass, slew)
большое количество (plenty, number, quantity, a generous amount, a great deal, slew)
поворотное движение (slue, slew)
трясина (bog, quagmire, morass, mire, swale, slew)
поворачиваться (turn, turn round, swing, twist, slew, wheel)
вращать (rotate, revolve, turn, roll, slew, Rev)
вращаться (rotate, revolve, turn, turn around, run, slew)
быстро поворачивать (slew)
крутиться (spin, flail, screw, slue, fly round, slew)
опьянять (intoxicate, befuddle, besot, inebriate, slew, sozzle)
обхитрить (slew)

Англо-русский синонимический словарь. 2014.

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  • Slew — (sl[=oo]), n. [See {Slough} a wet place.] A wet place; a river inlet. The praire round about is wet, at times almost marshy, especially at the borders of the great reedy slews. T. Roosevelt. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • slew — ☆ slew1 [slo͞o ] n. alt. sp. of SLOUGH2 (sense 4) slew2 [slo͞o] n., vt., vi. alt. sp. of SLUE1 ☆ slew3 [slo͞o ] n. [Ir sluagh, a host] Informal a large number, group, or amount; a l …   English World dictionary

  • slew — slew1 the past tense of slay slew slew 2 [ slu ] noun AMERICAN INFORMAL a slew of something a lot of something: They used the money to buy a whole slew of hotels. Fertility drugs have created a slew of medical and ethical issues. slew slew 3 [… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • slew — slew1 [slu:] v [I,T always + adverb/preposition] [Date: 1700 1800; Origin: Origin unknown] to turn or slide in a different direction suddenly and violently, or to make a vehicle do this slew around/sideways ▪ I lost control of the car and it… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • slew — [[t]slu͟ː[/t]] slews, slewing, slewed 1) Slew is the past tense of slay. 2) V ERG If a vehicle slews or is slewed across a road, it slides across it. [V adv/prep] The bus slewed sideways... [V adv/prep] A seven ton lorry slewed across their path …   English dictionary

  • slew — I [[t]slu[/t]] v. pt. of slay II slew [[t]slu[/t]] n. Informal. a large number or quantity: a whole slew of people[/ex] • Etymology: 1830–40, amer.; < Ir sluagh crowd, army, host III slew [[t]slu[/t]] v. t. v. i. n. navig. slue I IV slew …   From formal English to slang

  • Slew — *In electronics, the slew rate represents the maximum rate of change of a signal at any point in a circuit. *In motion control, particularly with application to telescopes and spacecraft, slewing is the rotation of an object about an axis. **In… …   Wikipedia

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